Five New Trends in Modern Office Design

Office design has transcended the traditional workspace. Modern layouts and new concepts have emerged as alternatives to the cubicle, creating more employee interaction and agile spaces. Today’s offices are designing an environment that sparks creativity, promotes productivity and enables collaboration and teamwork among their employees.

More and more offices are transforming their workspace design around these five hot new trends.

The Mobile Workspace

Office work stations that are mobile and versatile are fostering the collaboration and flexibility that the modern employee is craving. A concept known as ‘hot desking’ allows employees to move around throughout the day, sharing different stations with other coworkers. Well-placed pods, corner nooks, meeting rooms and desks that can move with employees make it easier for a spontaneous brainstorm session and collaborative gathering to take place.

The modern employee is constantly on the go—office workspaces should be too.

Bright Colors

Companies are ditching boring color palettes. No more bland beiges, cool grays or blunt whites, it’s time to add a splash of color and fun patterns to the office walls. Many scientific studies have shown that colors don’t just change employee mood, but they also greatly impact productivity, either for the better or worse. It’s best to decorate your workplace with a vibrant medley of stimulating hues that increase output and spark creativity.

Yellow hues, pale oranges and soothing blues are a great way to improve morale and create a positive workspace.

Unique Desk Designs

Today’s professionals are increasingly more health consequence and desire an environment aligned with a more active lifestyle. They are aware of the health effects of prolonged sitting, seeking offices that provide unique alternatives to the traditional cubicle, stationary desk and standard office chair. Employers are now providing better workspace designs, with additions such as ergonomic chairs, stand up work stations, and even treadmill desks.

Indoor Greeneries                        

From a greenhouse oasis to flora-lined staircases, offices are now bringing the outdoors inside to create a relaxed aura for staff. Plants are proven to offer a multitude of positive effects and provide much benefit to employee productivity and morale. But offices are reinventing the way they do green. Instead of placing leafy ferns at different intervals throughout the office, greenery is literally being built into the workspace designs. Palm trees are sprouting from the lobby floor, game rooms with AstroTurf walls, and living room instead of meeting rooms decked out with indoor waterfalls covered in fauna.

Cutting-edge Technology

The Tech World is impacting real estate and office design. Modern workspaces will consist of a variety of settings that provide choice and balance among work modes. Technology is gearing offices towards coworking spaces, where the focus is on face-to-face engagement with clients and colleagues.

Technology creates more agile ways of working and propels business efficiencies through faster connections and new streams of sharing information. Advancements in technology will prove to continue driving the workspace revolution, such as wearable tech, 3D printers, office drones and wireless charging.

There has been a major evolution in office spaces within the last 10 years, as companies migrate toward a more open and communicative workspace. Where will the trends of 2015 take office spaces in years to come? Perhaps you will see artificial intelligence inside your desk, or roaming robots that deliver your mail and take your coffee order. What will the office of the future really look like?

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