Holiday Decorating Done Right

As the holidays are upon us and the decorating begins, it is important to remember that safety is a priority. Shetland Properties’ wishes to equip real estate owners with important safety tips to keep in mind when decking out in holiday décor for the season.

Before you begin stringing up bulbs of red and green or placing lighted wreaths, check to assure that all lights and extension cords are being used in the proper locations.

Always remember that indoor electrical products cannot be used for outside lighting as they may cause a fire or possible electrocution. Additionally, since indoor lights are shelled in a thin plastic covering they are less likely to withstand harsh weather causing safety hazards.

Before the decorating begins and while you are still warm inside, plug in all lights and make sure they work to avoid future disaster. Then, attach clips to each string of lights at set intervals to make the process smooth and easy.

Let the decorating process begin!

When hanging lights in any location that may require additional height there are two important factors to keep in mind. First, choose a step or multi-positional ladder for appropriate stability. Second, find someone to act as a spotter who will place his or her feet at the bottom of the ladder for extra support.

Once you have settled a design and all decorations are in place, the next step is to set all lights on a timer. You will want your real estate to shine even if you happen to sneak out of the office early one night. By utilizing a set timer or light-sensor-activated starter, your lights will turn on themselves each evening.

Complete your office space with a tree, garland and other dazzling decorations and your holiday display is complete safely and beautifully.

From Shetland Properties’ to you, we wish you a wonderful holiday season and joyful New Year!