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  • Check out the Views from High Above our Properties, Where Chicago-area Businesses Thrive!

  • Unique Renovations Redefining the Idea of Office Spaces

    When it comes to renovating an office space or building, throwing on some fresh paint, adding a few new lounge chairs, or including a workout facility just isn’t enough anymore. The demand for a more engaging and livable workspace makes all the difference with today’s strong millennial demand in the workplace. So, what is the […]

  • Commercial Real Estate Rental Space Opportunities

    Rental spaces have become a common trend. Whether people are choosing to rent an B&B instead of a hotel, or a coworking space instead of an office, these unique options have paved the way for savvy spenders to maximize on typically pricier purchases. With these increases, we’re finding that real estate investors are jumping on […]

  • Large Renovations Continue in the Clybourn Corridor

    With projects such as Building A New Chicago making huge improvements to the city, Chicago is continuing to become a more enticing place for retail and office spaces. Recently, almost a block’s worth of buildings were purchased in the Clybourn corridor. These buildings can potentially be used for both office and retail space. The large […]

  • Innovative Tools for Commercial Real Estate

    Modern day commercial real estate (CRE) has evolved from more than just a face-to-face or word-to-mouth interaction. It now must find space in the digital and virtual world. Though residential real estate (RRE) was first to follow technology trends, CRE is now following in RRE’s footsteps and creating more efficient, user-friendly processes through innovative tools […]

  • Technology in Commercial Real Estate

    Technology is ever-evolving, and because of such, it is constantly reaching new markets– like commercial real estate. At this year’s Technology in Commercial Real Estate conference, held at 1871 inside the Merchandise Mart, tech gurus made their case for the importance of technology in the commercial real estate world. Main topics of discussion were sustainability, […]

  • Why Opening An Office in Chicago Will Propel You to New Heights

    It’s no secret that Chicago has been a desirable destination among businesses for decades. As one of the largest metro areas in the U.S., it carries obvious appeal, but there’s plenty more beneath the surface as well. Companies have taken an increased liking to the city in recent years, and many of them have experienced […]

  • Going Green at Work

    It’s no secret that green buildings attract tenants. Yes, a building’s aesthetics, location and interior spaces are the most important factors in bringing in a steady stream of tenants. But many companies today also want to work in buildings that are environmentally kind. Employers also realize that green buildings tend to be spaces in which […]

  • See the Proposed Changes to Chicago’s Old Chicago Post Office

    If you’ve ever taken I-290 to or from Chicago’s Loop, you’ve undoubtedly noticed the old main post office building that straddles the western end of Congress Parkway. It’s been roughly 20 years since the USPS relocated to a different facility, causing the building to degrade into the currently abandoned eyesore thousands of commuters pass every […]

  • Don’t Overthink It: Now is the Time to Buy or Lease Commercial Real Estate in Chicago

    There are always a million reasons not to do something. Naysayers will say the real estate market is unpredictable, that higher taxes will lower the demand for real estate, and that people are leaving the city. Is there some truth to these statements? Sure, but there’s no need to overthink it. Now is the time […]

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