Why Opening An Office in Chicago Will Propel You to New Heights

It’s no secret that Chicago has been a desirable destination among businesses for decades. As one of the largest metro areas in the U.S., it carries obvious appeal, but there’s plenty more beneath the surface as well. Companies have taken an increased liking to the city in recent years, and many of them have experienced a dramatic takeoff since their big move. Here’s why.

Large pool of talent

Chicago is home to some of the best schools in the country, and as such, the city also holds some of the most qualified young talent around. With the renowned University of Chicago and law schools like Loyola, the Second City has all of its bases covered. A population of over 3 million people doesn’t hurt either.

Centralized location

If you or your employees regularly travel for business purposes, Chicago is one of the best places to base your business. Forget the coast-to-coast travel, you’ll easily reduce your airfare costs and travel times. And with both O’Hare and Midway airports in the area, you’ll have access to as many flights as you need.

 New York-style benefits, without the added cost

Naturally, almost every business has a desire to move to New York, but let’s face it, real estate in the Big Apple is about as expensive as it gets. Chicago is certainly smaller, but much more affordable. If you’re looking to expand and reach clients on a worldwide level, you can rest assured that Chicago is a practical option.

Entertainment options for clients

Sports, improv, theater, restaurants, concerts, festivals – you name it, Chicago has it. With a sports team (or two) in every major sports league, the Windy City has year-round game day options. Second City has received nationwide acclaim as one of the funniest comedy clubs around, and the award-winning restaurants speak for themselves. Grant Park hosts summer events like the Taste of Chicago, and it’s not far from the city’s business district at all.