Shetland Properties' Primary Objectives

The year was 1977.  The average housing cost in Chicago was $240 a month, gas was 65¢ a gallon, and Jimmy Carter was president. 1977 is also the year that Shetland Properties was born.

Over the past 36 years, Shetland properties has been serving their clients with integrity under three fundamental objectives: to help businesses find a space with great value, to operate with flexibility that caters to their clients, and to consistently respond to tenant needs.

Shetland Delivers Value

ShetlandBlog2_HandShake_111913When it comes to commercial leases, Shetland understands that every individual business has their own respective budget and pricing is always a high priority. Shetland brokers are seasoned in finding the best possible value for their clients by meeting a tenant’s price point without compromising the quality of the space.

After the Shetland team receives an idea of a client’s price range, they will be able to present an array of appropriate leasing options. Shetland brokers have access to an assortment of properties that cater to workspace budgets of all sizes. Also, with the special access to some to spaces that are considerably below market value, Shetland is able to offer that competitive advantage for small business owners and not-for-profits.

Shetland Works to be Flexible

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 5.44.08 PM Shetland understands that while all of their clients share a common goal in finding a workable lease, not every business has the same office needs. Whether the company is rapidly expanding or making an economical move towards consolidation, the spaces at SunGate Park and Shetland Business Park offer a broad range of square footages (2000 square feet to 200,000 square feet), and functionality.

Shetland also lists detailed information on their website. When clients visit they can browse available properties and study extensive lists of each space’s size and amenities. Looking for a 1,572 sq. ft. space with natural light, a 9’ ceiling, air conditioning, and 24/7 security guard service? Check out the property details of 5420 West Roosevelt Rd.  

 Shetland is Responsive to Tenant Needs

Shetlandblog_primaryobjectives Shetland’s aim to build long-lasting relationships with their diverse tenant base and if a business works with Shetland once, they’re likely to do so again.  With reliable and responsive service during the duration of the leasing agreement, Shetland responds to tenant needs with quick, effective solutions.

Unlike properties managed by third parties, Shetland has a direct working relationship with their tenants and many of Shetland’s properties offer onsite management personnel who are aggressively responsive to tenant requests. With 24/7 security, alert maintenance teams, and consistent commitment to tenant satisfaction, it’s no surprise that Shetland has an extremely high retention rate.

It’s been over 36 years since Shetland was founded in 1977, and Shetland Properties have been providing their clients with the best overall experience ever since.  Shetland offers the highest possible value, the most flexible range of square footages of leasing opportunities, and some of the most responsive customer service in all of Chicagoland. It’s more than likely that Shetland will be a preferred choice for another 36 years.