The Advantages of "Business Parks"

Office location is a critical component to a thriving business culture, with today’s employees seeking synergistic work flow more and more in their daily work sphere. Modern business is about fostering a culture of productivity, finding the balance between what we require in a job and the space in which we operate. The type of office environment can create a big impact on the daily productivity of employees, as well as the logistics of your company and its activities.

Business parks are a smart option for businesses to consider when leasing office space. These ‘parks’ are essentially a development built specifically to accommodate offices, warehouses and light industry facilities, usually located outside of major metropolitan areas where land is more available and affordable. Business parks offer burgeoning businesses the advantage of transforming their environment with functional workspaces and on-site amenities, yet at lower rental costs.

Employers that choose this option benefit from growing a business within a fully integrated facility designed to fulfill their specific needs, and within a space removed from congested, high traffic urban areas with steep price tags. Business parks give instant credibility to business owners, presence within the local community, greater convenience, lower costs, and flexibility in office expansion.

As a business owner in today’s world, you want to invest in a commercial space that will improve employee morale and satisfaction by cultivating workplace synergy. Business parks allow employers to design their office space with the option of on-site amenities that have proven to boost employee productivity and well-being. Providing convenience and luxuries at your company—such as a contemporary gym, trendy café, spacious and covered parking garages, accessibility to public transportation, banks, post office, etc.—will help you engage your employees and maintain a competitive advantage in a fast, results-based world.

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