Setting the Stage: The benefits of staging commercial space

When leasing a commercial space, you want to market vacancies to the largest number of people to receive as many offers as possible. Staging is a technique where furnishings and accents are added to a vacant space to maximize its leasing potential. This technique has proven to increase the perceived value of a space, which attracts greater rental interest and prompts vacancies to be leased at a quicker rate.


Effective staging enhances commercial space by creating an atmosphere that inspires prospective tenants to visualize their own business. Give potential tenants an idea of how a vacant space can look by transforming it into a productive workplace. Staging an office with furniture, workstations, and even a lobby and reception area provides a creative visual of how one could use the area for their own employees.


It’s important to attract as many interested parties as possible, so while you can get creative, look to stage with more neutral or generic colors that will appeal to many different tastes and preferences. And since it’s a commercial space, staging should provide a very clean, professional appearance. Commercial staging should be organized and clutter free, accenting with items like lighting, plants, rugs and shelving/storage options.


What staging practices should you avoid? When staging commercial space, try to shy away from using furnishings that are too specific to a particular market or business type as you are trying to appeal to the masses. Avoid flashy accent pieces or art that represents trademarks or specific brands. Remember the purpose of staging is to help people open their imagination to the potential of the space.


The value-added benefits derived from effective staging are significant. Work with a professional stager or designer to create a functional office suite that is professional and engaging. The practice of staging has a direct effect on the renter’s view of the space thus increasing the probability of a successful showing, a quickly signed lease, and quality tenant that will bring revenue for many years to come.