Top 5 Benefits of Leasing Office Space in Chicago

In recent years, modern tech combined with a new generation of urbanite young professionals has caused a revival in metropolitan centers across America. Companies looking to take advantage of this talent pool are flocking back into cities from the surrounding suburbs at an explosive rate.

Chicago, having always been at the forefront of innovation and commerce, is in a great position to establish itself as a major business and technology hub in years to come. Skeptical?  Here are these five major benefits of leasing office space in Chicago.

Centrally Located. Situated in America’s heartland and on the southern coast of the Great Lakes, Chicago is an ideal city to meet with clients from both coasts of the country. Chicago’s O’Hare Airport, with its convenient connection to downtown via the blue line El train, makes getting in and out of the city a breeze.

Burgeoning Tech Hub. Chicago is regarded by many as the flagship city of the Midwest in tech. Internet startups like Groupon, Gogo and GrubHub have further elevated the Chicago tech scene, which has exploded over the last several years. There are also tech incubators like 1871, which support local startups with mentorship and a co-working space during their early stages.

Affordable Office Space. When compared to other major U.S. cities Chicago’s commercial rental market is quite affordable. According to an article published by in June of this year, rent has actually decreased thus far in 2015 and is cheaper than similar spaces in Washington DC, New York City and San Francisco.

Unique Architecture. Chicago, once a bustling center for manufacturing and meat and candy production, now has hundreds of plants and warehouses that are ready to serve a new purpose in the 21st century. These large and previously abandoned open spaces create collaborative environments that bring the best out of employees while creating an enjoyable workspace. Companies such as Google, Motorola, Yelp, Kraft and McDonalds are just the tip of the iceberg as companies flock to make use of Chicago’s brick behemoths like the renowned Merchandise Mart.

Lakeshore & Green Space. Twenty-four miles of beautiful shoreline, an efficient public transportation system, and world-class architecture and restaurants make Chicago an ideal place to both work and play. With more than 20 beaches available to the public, the city’s residents have no shortage of sun bathing options. The new 606 brings almost 3 miles of landscaped elevated biking and running trails for active Chicagoans to enjoy. Not to mention Chicago’s extensive park system, offering Chicagoans movie screenings, concerts and group workouts like yoga and Zumba in the parks.

With thousands of talented young professionals in all areas of business and arts moving to enjoy these amenities, having an urban office space is more important now than ever before. Chicago truly has it all—from iconic skyscrapers to vibrant shopping districts to many laughs at the Second City, an improvisational comedy enterprise discovering such greats as Stephen Colbert and Chris Farley.

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